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Air Conditioning Recharge

Air Conditioning Pricing

Air-con recharge: £59

Air-con recharge (R1234YF gas): £149

Air-con service: £99

Air-con clean: £19

Air-con check: £FREE

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All of our work is carried out with a 12-month or 12,000 mile guarantee. Our warranty has been carefully thought out to give our customers peace of mind when using our services.

This warranty does not cover air-conditioning recharges.

How much does an air-conditioning regas cost?

The price of an air-con recharge depends on which gas your car requires.

R134A gas  £59.00     R1234YF gas  £149.00

Which air-con gas do I need?

As a general rule, vehicles built before 2014 use R134A gas in their air conditioning systems, while vehicles built after 2014 use R123YF gas. This is because of a new, environmental law that came into place in 2014, requiring vehicles to use a much more environmentally-friendly air-con gas. If you’re not sure which gas your vehicle uses, please give us a call on 01252 876231 and we’ll be happy to help.

Is my air conditioning leaking?

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system has a leak, you’ll find that the air conditioning will stop working soon after having the system recharged. If the leak is particularly bad, you might find that it doesn’t work at all having just been charged. Often, our technicians are able to visually identify a leak in your vehicle’s air-con system, for example if the condenser is heavily corroded. This can avoid paying for a re-charge and then discovering a leak soon after.

Free air-con check

Book a free, visual air-con inspection today. We’ll check your air-con system for leaks using a UV light, identifying any visible corrosion to the system and checking the air-con’s lowest temperature before recharging the air-con.

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Please note: the UV light inspection will only pick up a leak if UV dye has been put into the system previously. We will not put UV dye through your vehicle’s system before carrying out the free check. Further investigation at your request will be chargeable e.g. the use of UV dye and a UV leak test.


Why does my air-conditioning smell strange?

If the air conditioning system is regulating the temperature but also produces a mouldy or damp smell, it's probably due to a build up of bacteria. In this case, we recommend you have an air-con clean or an air-con service. 

Air-con clean includes:

  • Anti-bacterial treatment to santize air/system and refresh smell

Kills any bacteria or mould that has built up in your air conditioning system, causing it to smell. The process involves letting a bacterial bomb off in the vehicle cabin, which is then drawn into the air conditioning system and circulated, leaving your air conditioning system clean, and your car smelling fresh.

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Air conditioning service includes:

  • Anti-bacterial treatment (as above)
  • Pollen filter replacement
  • Air conditioning recharge

Please note: if your car requires the new gas, there will be a surcharge of £90

Book for £129.00

How does air-conditioning work?

Air conditioning systems are now built in to over two thirds of modern cars to regulate the internal temperature. Each system uses a fluid to maintain operating efficiency, which needs regular care and attention to keep things at a cool temperature. When the fluid runs out, the air conditioning unit is unable to work – and you’ll soon feel the car’s temperature rising. To avoid this, manufacturers suggest air conditioning recharges should be carried out every two years.

Why do I need an air-conditioning regas?

Air Conditioning systems require periodic recharges of the fluid which operates within the system in order to maintain operating efficiency. In fact, as much as 10% of the gas within your air-con system can permeate from your vehicle each year, which is why manufacturers suggest you should have your air-con recharged every two years. Remember that the air-con isn’t looked at during a service or MOT, so if you’re vehicle is over two years old, it’s likely to be due for an air-con recharge.

Using Air-Con During Winter

  • Turn on your air conditioning on to quickly demist your windscreen during the colder months
  • Run your air-con for 10 minutes every two weeks to protect and lubricate the rubber seals and pipework
  • Don't fancy being cold? Turn the temperature dial up to keep the system running and the warmth up

At Yateley MOT, we offer vehicle air-conditioning recharges all-year round. We'll have your vehicle in and out within the hour when you book a while you wait appointment today. 

Call us to book your air-conditioning recharge, service or investigation on 01252 876231.